Of Blood and Bone

So, I just finished listening to book two in the Of Blood and Bone: (Chronicles of The One, Book 2)“Chronicles of the One series.  It was definitely not a let down!  I was happy to see that the characters I was missing at the end of the first book were back and new characters were introduced.

Unlike many series I have enjoyed the main characters in the first book take a back seat in the second book.  I would say that the second book has a very YA feel to it, which differs from the first book. The YA feel I picked up doesn’t detract from the overall book for me at all.  The character development is still just as strong as in the first book and though new characters are added, there aren’t so many characters that the book feels watered down.

Also, since this is the second book in the series I am happy to report that Ms. Roberts does not bore the reader with too much recap but does give you just enough to trigger your memory.  It is a great pet peeve of mine when authors dedicate half of the 2nd book to recapping the first book.

Thankfully in this case they retained the same narrator, when I am listening to books sometimes it’s hard for me to adjust to a new narrator, to me it’s like changing an actor or actress in the middle of a TV series.

This is definitely a book I would strongly recommend to others, but I will say that some of the audience might be lost due to the YA part of the book, but I hope not.  My only problem with this series is that the third book hasn’t been released yet!

My next listen will be Good Omens by Neil GaimanTerry Pratchett…I probably won’t start it Monday until


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