What I’m Listening to Today…Year One

I debated on starting this blog with the book I am listening to today…why?  I think that it may have a fairly limited target market and is far from classic literature…but then I thought the reality is this, it’s a good listen.  I know that not all of the books I listen to will appeal to all, but I have to start somewhere.

That all being said I am listening to Year One: Chronicles of the One, Book 1.  It is the first Nora Roberts book I have ever picked up, generally not a romance fan, but this book falls into the sci-fi /apocalypse genre.

I am only part way through the book, but here is a brief description about what the book is about:

An illness hits world wide wiping out the better part of mankind, however as this is happening some people manifest certain gifts or traits, for example, some people become fairies or have the power to heal.   Through all of this the survivors who were immune to the illness now need to learn to live in the new world.

There are a couple of different groups the book follows through their journey and as these groups travel they find other survivors along the way.  The characters differ in powers, non powers & ethnicity.

I have read my share of apocalypse books, I like this one because of the super human twist that’s been thrown in.  Nora Roberts does a great job creating strong characters, not all of them likable…but I think a good author can draw feelings from the reader and this book definitely does that.  In addition to the characters, it’s a fast paced easy listen, so perfect for when you want to zone out for a bit to a book and not spend too much time deep thinking.

I will follow up on this post after I finish listening to the book…


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